Borgoni, C. (2014), Dissonance and Irrationality: A Criticism of The In-Between Account of Dissonance Cases. Pacific Philosophical Quarterly. doi: 10.1111/papq.12039
Publication year: 2014

In a dissonance case, a person sincerely and with conviction asserts that P, while his/her overall automatic behavior suggests that he/she believes that not-P. According to Schwitzgebel (2001, 2010), this is a case of in-between believing. This article raises several concerns about Schwitzgebel’s account and proposes an alternative view. I argue that the in-between approach yields incorrect results in belief self-ascriptions and does not capture the psychological conflict underlying the individual’s dissonance. I advance the view that in relevant cases the dissonant individual has two mutually contradictory beliefs.